At its heart, eating local means celebrating that the best flavors are from home. When we change what we eat, we change things for the better. Local food offers the best nutrition, nourishing both your family and the community you love.

Treat your Taste buds

Seasonal and sustainably raised and caught food is more ripe, flavorful and carefully harvested than its far-traveled and off-season counterparts. Eating local means one of a kind meals.

Enjoy Health

Fresh and whole foods are a powerful way to keep you and your family healthy.  Local farmers care about the families they are feeding and have a deep sense of responsibility to keep their food safe. Eating local first means putting the health of your family first!

Make your $ work harder

Dollars spent on local food circulate repeatedly throughout our food system and in our local economy, supporting local farmers, food businesses, and creating local jobs. Nourish the community you love.

Support your Neighbors

Local farmers, fishers, farm workers, delivery truck drivers, grocery store employees, cooks, and the many others rely on us. Our community food businesses care, providing food we can trust. Let’s show we care about them!

Save our Farmland

The beauty of Whatcom’s farmlands; framed by the Cascades, the bay and the islands, is why many of us live here — it’s some of the richest farmland in the world, you can help family farms thrive.

Eat For the Future

In Whatcom County, most farmers and fishers work hard to be good stewards of our land and waters, making sure our kids inherit healthy food.