Washington Food Trails

Experience the food and farming culture of Washington State

The food, farming, and fishing culture of Washington State is rich and diverse. The most delicious way to explore this state’s offerings is by taking a trip on one of the state’s Food Trails. Whether you’re a local hoping to learn more about your backyard or a visitor exploring a new area, these Food Trails have something for everyone. 

Northwest Washington

Farm to Table Trails

Embark on culinary adventures to explore delicious offerings from Whatcom County and beyond. Enjoy seasonal produce from berry farms, find the best local cheeses, and visit area markets for fresh veggies, fruits, meat, and fish.

u-pick raspberry
local wines

Olympic peninsula

Olympic Culinary Loop

The Olympic Culinary Loop is the most delicious way to experience the Olympic Peninsula. Olympic Coast Cuisine is flavored by the region’s diverse micro-climates, coastal proximity, and Native American heritage. Locally grown and harvested fruits, vegetables, herbs, and berries, gathered game, bountiful native sea-fare, and handcrafted area wines offer farm-to-table experiences with a unique sense of place. Freshly prepared Olympic Coast Cuisine is best enjoyed amid the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Olympic Culinary Loop.

Yakima Valley

Yakima Valley Taco and Tamale Trail

What’s better than a good taco? Earning prizes for eating them! Travel the Yakima Valley Taco & Tamale Trail and savor authentic flavor in every taco (or tamale), all while collecting points for prizes along the way.

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Skagit valley

Skagit Food Trail

A self-guided journey through local gardens, family-owned farms, markets, bakeries, eateries, artisanal producers, farmstays, and experiences of the magical Skagit River Valley & Salish Sea. Nestled between the Cascade Mountains and the Salish Sea, cared for by the Swinomish people for generations, Skagit Valley is a meeting place of abundance. We hope you learn, indulge, and explore every depth of your curiosities along the way. Whether dancing through flower fields, tasting oysters by the sea, or attending snow geese ballets, the adventure is up to you!

Yakima Valley

Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail

The Rattlesnake Hills Wine Trail is real Washington wine country. Many of our wineries are located within the very vineyards that grow the wine grapes in our wines. Often times when wine tasting you’ll be served by the winemaker themselves. Each winery offers a unique setting in which to enjoy the fruit of the vine. The tasting rooms vary from Northwest modern architecture to traditional European with everything in between. All tasting rooms are open to the public without reservations during their published hours.

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Washington coast

Washington Shellfish Trail

Start your shellfish journey here. Steam, slurp, and savor oysters! Understanding the role of shellfish in our communities is essential to the long-term health of our shellfish resources. The Washington Shellfish Trail emphasizes the importance of aquaculture within our rural communities and the value of shellfish to our wellbeing. Your next adventure on the WA coast should include the freshest seafood!

King county

Kent Food Trails

Come experience the world through food when you visit Kent, Washington. Let us take you on a guided food tour of local favorites, international cuisines, and one-of-a-kind shops. Kent is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States, so stay the night (or two!) to enjoy an authentic spread of fare on the Kent Food Trails.

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local cheese

Washington State

Washington Cheese Map

Can you find all of Washington’s cheese? Follow the Washington Cheese Map to help you plan your next cheese journey through the state. The Evergreen State is home to more than 50 licensed cheesemakers making over 200 varieties of cheese from cow, sheep, and goat’s milks. You’ll find every style of cheese under the sun being made in Washington State — and they taste even better here.