Boldly Grown Farm

Winter Veggies with a Passion By Alex Smith One of the special aspects of Northwest Washington is the seasons. During summer, it may be the most pleasant place on earth. Winter also brings snow in the mountains, and the occasional…
Alex Smith
August 1, 2019
Loaded up to deliver delicious local, organic tortillas BlogFeatured

Tortillas con Madre

Tradition, reinvented By Alex Smith Traditional cooking methods are traditions for a reason. Mothers and fathers teach their children, and the children make slight improvements over generations. In many cases it’s hard to imagine these processes getting any better. Hand-made…
Alex Smith
July 31, 2019

Kebab Casual

Building community one bite at a time By Alex Smith The concept of “fast casual” is one that’s gaining momentum, and for good reason. Getting high quality food cooked right in front of you and ready to eat in minutes…
Maressa Valliant
June 25, 2019

Mariposa Farm

  The Story of the Butterfly By: Ruby Dombek With the sun glistening off Mount Baker in the distance, it is difficult to imagine a more beautiful place to spend one’s day farming. Lis and Joaquin’s 8.5 acres in Everson,…
Alex Smith
June 11, 2019
Farmer Matt Foothills Farm BlogUncategorized

Farmers Markets

  Capture the bounty of the Summer and meet your local farmers! Summer is nearly here and with that comes the bounty of local farms! Farmers markets are a great way to get your hands on local produce, meat, eggs,…
Maressa Valliant
May 30, 2019
Home_Farm BlogFeatured

Home Farm

By: Ruby Dombek June 2019 Daniel Burdick grew up on a farm in Connecticut and has always wanted to return to his roots. Starting a farm was a chance to reconnect to the land and the community. He wants people…
Alex Smith
May 30, 2019
Pure Bliss BlogFeaturedUncategorized

Pure Bliss Desserts

A delicious gift to the community By Alex Smith Everyone enjoys getting gifts. Let’s be honest. Your love language may be “words of affirmation”, but a surprise present is unlikely to engender a negative reaction. A gift given with intention…
Alex Smith
May 22, 2019
Oak Meadows Farm BlogFeatured

Oak Meadows Farm

Healing the soil with happy animals By Alex Smith May 2019   One of the top challenges you'll hear about in agriculture, and for our world, is topsoil. This component of the Earth enables essentially all terrestrial plant life to…
Maressa Valliant
April 26, 2019
PeaceHealth-Dining-Servie-Team BlogFeatured


Members of PeaceHealth’s stellar Food & Nutrition Services team!   Farm Fresh Workplace Success By Diana Meeks If you go all the way back to the origins of PeaceHealth in the late 19th century, you'll find an amazing story and…
Maressa Valliant
April 22, 2019

Bellingham Technical College

Let Your Tastebuds Travel the World with BTC Culinary Students April 2019   Many are familiar with Bellingham Technical College’s (BTC) Culinary Arts Program, but few know about the three distinct dining options on campus that serve both the public…
Maressa Valliant
March 29, 2019