Seafood in Washington State

Salmon. Oysters. Dungeness crab. Scallops. Halibut. Shrimp. Clams. The seas surrounding Washington State are full of fish and shellfish, all contributing to the local economy, diners’ plates, and indigenous and cultural traditions.

The state has 75 fish ports dotting its coast, and each of those is home to fleets of boats and fishermen and fisherwomen who bring seafood back to shore.

The industry itself provides jobs for more than 20,000 Washingtonians. Sustainable practices are often woven into fisheries, as it becomes more and more important for the seas that provide the bounty to thrive and be climate resilient.

For example, Lummi Island Wild is a Northwest Washington fishery that prides itself on is sustainable seafood practices. Their reefnet salmon fishing fleet is solar powered making them the first solar powered wild salmon fishery in the world!

This is just one instance of many in which Washington State seafood is a gold standard for flavor, freshness and sustainability. We’re also a state rich in abundance. According to Margaret Pilaro of the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association which includes members from Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington, the Evergreen State plays a pivotal role in the shellfish economy with the largest number (200) of shellfish growers.

What better way to enjoy this bounty than finding a dockside seafood market or fishery near you, or, dining at local restaurants offering fresh catches from Washington waters? You’ll find salmon, shellfish, tuna, and more to enliven your dinner table – plus, you’re supporting our local fisherfolk, farmers, and all those who contribute to thriving seas and economies!