Publication News & Food Atlas 2.0

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Publication News & Food Atlas 2.0

Did you hear? The Food Atlas is expanding to be used statewide! The Tilth Alliance and The Local Food Trust are now using the Eat Local First Campaign, and will be working with us to expand our reach throughout the state.  In order to accommodate this growth, we’ve been busy behind the scenes making a ton of improvements to the Eat Local First Food Atlas, as well as the process for opting into our annual publications.

Some exciting new updates & features you will notice:

  • To create a better and more relevant user experience, The Atlas will now deliver results based on the user’s location. As we continue to grow and expand, we want to ensure that this tool continues to educate and expose the user to local farms & food businesses nearest to them. Users can also choose to modify the search radius from the 25 mile default.
  • New Categories and Diversity Indicators – We’ve done a lot of listening and intentional thinking about how our resources serve our communities, and that meant some more intuitive categories as well as creating opportunity to highlight diversity in our food system.
  • Load Speed & Clustering Searches and results will load faster, and we’ve fixed the issue of concentrated pins being difficult to navigate. You’ll notice concentrated locations being clustered, and then expanded when the user zooms in.
  • Not open to the public? – We know not all farms are open to visitors. If your business is not open to the public, you can now opt not to publish your address
  • Account Management upgrades
    • Manage all of your listings through one login account, and a simplified form
    • Check your membership status
    • Select publications you want to opt into, PREVIEW your print listings, edit in real time, and pay for your listings with one simple visit.
    • More control over your business hours/seasons with additional schedule options

Food Atlas updates are being rolled out this week, and we will open up 2020 listing submissions for the Food Atlas, Food & Farm Finder, Tourism Map, Wholesale Product Directory and Farm Share/CSA List this coming Monday, December 16th.  Sustainable Connections members are eligible for savings of up to $125 on listing opportunities. So, now is the time to check your Membership Status and make sure you are renewed and ready to get the best value!

Upcoming Dates & Resources:

  • December 16th, 2019 – Listing window opens for all 5 publications
  • Food Atlas listings will now incur a small fee, but taking advantage of our bundled rate for all publication opportunities is a huge savings. Rates for listings and ads can be found in our 2020 Media Kit
  • Have membership questions? Kerry is here to help! Email her at, or call 360-647-7093 ext. 110
  • January 17th , 2020 – Listing Deadline!
  • Feb 25th, 2020 – the Annual Farm-To-Table Trade Meeting – Tickets are on sale now!