Professional Photos for Pierce County Farmers

Photo Credit Rylea Foehl

Professional Photos for Pierce County Farmers

By Micha Ide, Pierce County Fresh / Bright Ide Acres

Pierce County Fresh, a buy-local program dedicated to promoting local agriculture in Pierce County, WA, has teamed up with photographer Rylea Foehl to provide free professional photos for Pierce County farmers. Funded by the Puyallup Watershed Initiative, Pierce County Fresh was launched in 2016 as a way for local shoppers to discover the bounty and fun available to them from local farms, farmers markets, and “agritourism” destinations.

In a recent study, local farmers indicated that marketing support was strongly desired and Pierce County Fresh is working to fill this need for farmers. The Professional Farm Photography Project is just one way that Pierce County Fresh aims to boost Pierce County agriculture. Storytelling is an integral part of successful farm marketing and with high-quality images of their operations, these businesses will be better equipped to showcase their products and farms across multiple media platforms.

Farmer holding microgreens, smiling

The farms being photographed throughout this project encompass the diversity of products and farmer profiles that are representative of Pierce County agriculture. With subjects ranging from berries and mixed produce to naturally dyed wool and humanely raised meat, this project will highlight the broad array of products and services available to Pierce County consumers. The farmers selected for this project include minority and women-owned businesses so that the public can see what “real farmers” in Pierce County look like.

“Apart from growing food and being good stewards of the land, the most important thing farmers can do is educate our community about who we are and what we do,” says Amy Moreno-Sills, farmer at Four Elements Farm. With the Professional Farmer Photography Project, Pierce County Fresh is enabling farmers to tell their story to a public that is hungry for more of what local agriculture has to offer.


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