‘We want anybody who eats to be able to learn about and access local food’ – Eat Local First’s Washington Food & Farm Finder relaunched

The Eat Local First collaborative describes its work to enhance connections between consumers and local farmers and food businesses in communities across Washington as changing things for the better. 

“Local food offers the best nutrition, produces less waste, and supports local farming, sustainable agriculture and local economies,” the organization notes on its website. “Eating local nourishes our families, and the communities we love.”  

The Eat Local First Collaborative launched the online Washington Food & Farm Finder in 2020, which serves as a map and directory of local producers, food access resources, processors, and food businesses that prioritize local ingredients.

The Washington Food & Farm Finder has been updated with new features and greater user-friendliness, including a new interface that’s optimized for mobile use, and allows users to filter their search in real-time on an improved map.