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About Us

Welcome to Woodlet Kitchens, Home Of SuperFuzed Gourmet Oils! Prepare your taste buds to be amazed. We are thrilled to offer three outstanding flavors of Joe’s SuperFuzed Roasted Oils to you - Garlic Herb Oil, Shallot Herb de Provence Oil, and Poblano Chili Oil. All of Joe’s SuperFuzed Oils are robust, small-batch crafted gourmet oils made in the USA that are guaranteed to make your taste buds happy, your family thrilled and your friends and dinner guests ask for more… Joe’s SuperFuzed flagship flavor, Roasted Garlic Herb Oil, has been a fan favorite for over a decade and has become a staple in foodie kitchens across the nation. .Now, Joe’s SuperFuzed Roasted Garlic Herb Oil has been joined by two additional flavors to please every palette everyday. Available in multiple sizes and a beautiful gift box. Order at Amazon or on SuperFuzed.com today.

Our Products

  • Locally Made
    • Preserved & Pantry Items
      • Sauces & Condiments
Additional Products

chili oil, cooking oil, dipping oil, finishing oil, garlic oil, gourmet oil, Herb olive oil, infused oil, Olive oil, shallot oil

Our Values

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  • Racial and Social Equity
    • Veteran Owned
    • Woman Owned