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About Us

Woodinville Sauce Company products provide a great way to create delicious dishes or enhance your family favorites. Chef Dave has given his all to build this locally owned and operated company out of Washington State. Combining his world culinary experience with his love of the PNW, he has poured his heart into creating these sauces and hopes you love them as much as his family, neighbors, and friends do!

Restaurants, specialty food sales, as well as traditional training at an American Culinary Institute, my journey through the food business has been extensive and it only makes sense that I am now a sauce maker…!? Bear with me as I explain my story…in the beginning (picture a scrawny energetic teenager) I found comfort working for many years at a long-lived and respected steakhouse in Colorado. It was there I realized that this incredibly exciting and fast-paced world would always be for me. Before I could take this passion seriously however, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management. I began my career working as a sales and marketing agent for specialty food products (a sauce seller). Though I was involved in the food industry, it did not quite fulfill my drive to cook and create. With a wonderfully supportive partner, I found the way to express myself creatively.

I began a culinary school adventure, followed quickly by an extreme hunger to get out and start learning from the real world – passion ignited! I joined the ranks at a highly regarded restaurant group. I moved through their brigade style kitchen system very quickly, taking full charge of the “back kitchen” in a little less than a year. No Chef title yet, which I couldn’t even begin to understand what such a title required this early in my career, but I was ready for the kitchen lead scarf nonetheless. It wasn’t too long after this I got the extraordinary opportunity to live and work in Mumbai, India. Little did I know, this would shape me with a culinary advantage throughout the rest of my career, from teaching at the Institute of Culinary Arts, to learning traditional Indian cooking methods and the intricacies of tempering spices, to molecular gastronomy. These are my secret weapons. It felt validating to have these exciting skills and knowledge, and were just the ingredients I needed to become a chef. This amazing overseas journey would catapult my next decade of kitchen adventures, from getting opportunities to open standalone restaurants, to Executive Chef roles in two of the Pacific Northwest’s business powerhouses in Nordstrom & Microsoft. I had the opportunity to lead incredible teams and build a culinary portfolio that I am proud of. The band of chefs and incredible cooks I’ve been so fortunate to learn from and work side-by-side with has been amazing.

This brings me to today….
I’ve always had a passion and knack for sauces, spices, and techniques to wow the palate, fueled by my background and fascination with the pure chemistry of cooking. Living in the Redmond/Kirkland/Woodinville area for over the past decade, I am so excited to bring my creations to life and offer them to this wonderful community we live in. I hope my products bring some excitement and joy to your kitchens, and I look forward to hearing about your inventive uses! (My website offers some tips if you need help spurring ideas!) Remember, it’s always OK to put some sauce on it!


Chef Dave

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