Wild Plum Farm

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Winthrop, WA

About Us

The Wild Plum Farm, located in the beautiful Methow Valley, is the continuation of a 1929 homestead and dairy farm. Present day, the multi-generation family farm is home to a drift of Tamworth pigs on pasture, hundreds of meat and laying birds, dairy goats, saddle horses, ducks, dogs and kiddos.

Heritage Tamworth pigs are raised, farrow to finish, on a diet of diverse pasture forage, free choice apples, locally harvested alfalfa hay, regionally sourced barley, wheat and field peas (non-gmo, corn/soy free) from Red Bridge Farms.

Chickens are pastured too with a supplemental diet of grains from Red Bridge Farms (non-gmo, corn/soy free).

Pork and chicken shares are available through custom shares - inquire through the farm website. USDA pork cuts are available by the pound, through MV FoodShed/BCS Livestock.

Growing & Operating Practices

Rotational grazing and regenerative farming practices are employed on Wild Plum Farm. Animals are fed non-gmo, locally/regionally sourced feed and given wide open spaces to range. Pigs farrow in large, open paddocks without the use of crates or other confinement practices.

Wild Plum Farm strives to provide animals with the most humane existence during their time on-farm.

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