Verdant Tiers

Business Type: Producer

Port Orchard, WA

About Us

We are a small urban farm focused on regeneration of the land we occupy. We use regenerative agriculture techniques to help restore the soil to life and reduce the damage that has been done. Likewise the health and happiness of our animals is paramount so we feed non GMO corn and soy free feed along with fresh veggies from the garden and we let them free range to forage.

Growing & Operating Practices

We use regenerative agriculture practices with organic inputs. We use predatory insects, nematodes, bacteria and fungi to make our farm grow instead of synthetic materials.

Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Eggs
      • Eggs (Chicken)
      • Eggs (Duck)
      • Eggs (Other)
    • Seeds & Starts
      • Plants/Plant Starts
      • Vegetable/Herb starts
    • Vegetables & Herbs
      • Dill
      • Herbs & Botanicals
      • Herbs (Fresh)
      • Oregano
      • Thyme

Retail Info

Where to Purchase

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