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About Us

The farm story begins over 50 years ago. Ted and Joanne Vanderveen started T.J. Veenacre Farm with just 40 dairy cows. In 1997, John Vanderveen and Rolf Veening became business partners at TJ Veenacre Farm. The two have made a transition from dairy to beef cows in the last couple of years. In addition to raising beef, they also grow high-quality hay for the local community.

John is an independent dairy nutritionist to local farmers and a trusted agronomist in the Northwest. Rolf Veening is an immigrant from the Netherlands. Raised on a dairy farm in the northern part of the Netherlands he had an eagerness to gain farming experience in another country.

T.J. Veenacre Farm Inc. DBA Veenacre Farm is located in the upper northwest corner of Washington. There you will find our picturesque farm of cedar and fir trees, where you can see the salmon spawn in the stream, green hills, and beef cows grazing their pastures.

At Veenacre Farm, everything is grown with patience and care. Our passion for raising animals drives our pursuit to produce the best quality product for our customers while remaining stewards of the land, therefore creating a lasting difference in our community.

We sell Angus and Jersey/Wagyu Cross in shares of 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow. The beauty of buying bulk is the price per pound is the same no matter what cut you choose. It's a great way to stock your freezer so it's ready to be enjoyed with friends and family throughout the year. Check out our website for information and order from our online store!

Growing & Operating Practices

Our growing methods ensure that our cows live their best life on the farm from the beginning of their lives until the end. It's a true full circle of life that feel honored to be a part of. We are committed to providing our cows with highest quality of care and stress free to roam free. Through rotational grazing and regenerative farming practices we focus on taking care of the biodiversity and soil health to create a harmonious and sustainable ecosystem that supports the well-being of our cows. Our Angus and Wagyu/Jersey cows are finished on non-GMO barley, but they can also be exclusively grass-fed upon request for a 100% grass-fed option.

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