ThirdLeaf NW

Business Type: Retail & Distribution

Seattle, WA

    • ThirdLeaf NW
    • 1912 Occidental Avenue South
    • Seattle, WA 98134

About Us

ThirdLeaf NW is a local, women-owned fresh fruit and healthy food delivery service for offices. We specialize in seasonally rotating fresh produce: hand selected, delivered and stocked straight to your break-room or customer lounge.

We source Washington grown, organic and conventional produce from Washington-based produce wholesalers including Charlie's Produce, Pacific Coast Fruit Company and Peterson Fruit Company. We are committed to working with local producers; if you are a Washington State grower interested in shipping fresh fruit to our Seattle based warehouse, please get in touch. We love supporting local and trying new varieties.

Our Services

  • Eat & Drink
    • Catering
  • Markets & Grocers

Local Products

We feature these local products

  • Locally Made
    • Local Food Box
Additional Products

Healthy catering, single-serve healthy snacks, snack packs, wraps

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