The Silverwater Cafe

Business Type: Food & Beverage Service

Port Townsend, WA

About Us

Looking for a restaurant that uses its own fresh produce and herbs and also proudly supports several local farmers, ranchers, brewers, vintners, and artisans? The Silverwater Cafe has supported local food farmers, producers and fisheries for decades. Our story began in 1989 when we opened a tiny shack down by the water to serve fish and chips. We started with a small staff and limited menu. Over time our staff and offerings grew. Eventually we moved to our current location, and, after extensive renovations (while keeping the building’s historic integrity and character intact) we opened our sit-down restaurant. Since then we have served countless lunches, dinners, glasses of wine and beer, and creative craft cocktails to happy customers. Through forming solid relationships with other local businesses, organizations, and individuals, we have flourished within our beloved community.

We support local farmers and ranchers who love the land they work and the animals they keep. We buy from local fisheries that practice sustainable harvesting. Our unusable vegetable waste feeds our chickens or gets turned into compost for our gardens. But it doesn’t stop there. Because of our love for community, we are actively partnering with various local non-profits to broaden our reach.

From 1989 to now, our deepest desire has been to nourish bodies and souls with our inspired cooking, genuine hearts, and open arms.

Our Services

  • Eat & Drink
    • Restaurant / Café

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