The Little Seven Seven Ranch

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Lyle, WA

About Us

The Little Seven Seven Ranch raises Highland Cattle. Browsing nearly 2000 acres, this slow growing breed is remarkably well-suited to the hills and ravines of The Columbia Gorge. The L77 produces high quality beef known for flavor and tenderness. Highland Beef is higher in protein and Omega 3s, lower in fat and cholesterol than commercially grown beef. Visit our Ranch Shop to see all we have to offer. (Open, airy, by appointment.) Highland Cattle can be seen from the roads as you travel to the Ranch Shop.

Growing & Operating Practices

The right breed of cattle, unique land with a variety of natural feed and a fold of well cared for Highland Cattle. These are the ingredients that create the finest quality Highland Beef. Highland Cattle is an old breed, more common in Europe than the United States. The Highland Cattle fold at The Little Seven Seven Ranch has a completely natural diet of native grasses, Oregon White Oak brush, alfalfa and other native brush. Grazing nearly 2000 acres in the Columbia River Gorge, the cattle at the L77 eat what other breeds of cattle would leave behind. This biodiverse diet contributes to the happiness and healthfulness of the herd.

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