Take Root Farm

Business Type: Producer

Buckley, WA

About Us

My husband Drew and I (Jen) began our farm in 2002 in Buckley, Wa. We fell in love with the land situated with a view of Mt. Rainier and the cascade foothills. We began cultivating the soils by growing winter squash for the Root Connection Farm in Woodinville Wa. The Root Connections is one of the oldest CSA farms in our nation owned by my mother Claire Thomas.
With her guidance and expertise we launched our own farm here following the same growing methods and business model. Over the years we have learned much about what grows well here and what we need to bring in from other farms which help build connection and allow diversity in the produce our members receive.

Discover how you and your family can eat healthier, tastier produce while at the same time helping to preserve small local farming in our area. Everything is grown in a manner that is safer for the earth and the people who eat from it.

Our produce will be ‘taking root’ on several different local farms who share the same passion for healthy, organic growing practices.

This will allow us to bring our members a weekly box that is more diversified week to week. By supporting TRF and the farms they partner with our members will ensure healthy farmlands for future generations. Members will benefit by receiving the freshest, tastiest, most nourishing produce available.

When members arrive, their box is already packed with a variety of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Members enjoy all the fruits of our labor without all the work! Members also have the option of adding u-pick items such as greens, herbs and flowers as they are in season to their box. All u-picks are FREE!

Growing & Operating Practices

We grow without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We rotate crops, use cover crops, mulch, comcost and row cover

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Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Vegetables & Herbs
      • Artichokes
      • Arugula
      • Asian Greens/Bok Choy
      • Asparagus
      • Basil
      • Beans (Green/Yellow)
      • Beets
      • Bell peppers
      • Broccoli
      • Broccolini
      • Brussels Sprouts
      • Cabbage
      • Carrots
      • Cauliflower
      • Celery
      • Chard
      • Chives
      • Cilantro
      • Collard Greens
      • Corn
      • Cucumbers
      • Eggplant
      • Fennel
      • Garlic
      • Garlic Scapes
      • Green Onions
      • Herbs & Botanicals
      • Kale
      • Kohlrabi
      • Leeks
      • Lemongrass
      • Lettuce
      • Mushrooms
      • Onions
      • Oregano
      • Parsley
      • Parsnips
      • Peas
      • Peppers (Hot)
      • Peppers (Sweet)
      • Potatoes
      • Potatoes (Sweet)
      • Pumpkins
      • Radishes
      • Root Vegetables
      • Salad Greens
      • Sorrel
      • Spinach
      • Squash (Summer)
      • Squash (Winter)
      • Thyme
      • Tomatillos
      • Tomatoes
      • Tomatoes (Cherry)
      • Tomatoes (Heirloom)
      • Turnips

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