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Ashford, WA

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Forest farm on Mt. Rainier, Washington StateWe grow gourmet, edible mushrooms for commercial food producers and produce grow-your-own mushrooms logs for the public. Shiitake, Oyster, Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chicken of the Woods mushroom logs, three sizes starting at $35, includes SAFE home delivery domestic USA ground shippinghttps://mushrooms-logs.myshopify.com

Grow-your-own gourmet, edible mushrooms on a beautiful Mt. Rainier Red Alder log!*   It's EASY!   Just keep your log watered and out of direct sun - either inside or outside - .and wait. Soon, and for years to come, you'll have your own, home-grown bounty of gourmet, edible mushrooms! FREE online help included. Three sizes of logs, starting at $35 including SAFE usa ground domestic delivery right to your door. Five types of mushrooms: Oyster - Shiitake - Lion's Mane - Chicken of the Woods - Reishi (*on vine maple) https://mushrooms-logs.myshopify.com

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