Steensma Creamery

Sustainability and Diversity Indicators
  • Woman Owned

    Owned & operated by a woman

  • Eat Local First Member

    These businesses are committed to sourcing more of their food from local farms and food producers.

  • Food Access & Nutrition Incentives

    These businesses are actively participating in one or more of the following food access and nutrition incentive programs to create a food-secure community: SNAP/EBT, Market Match, WIC, Farmers Market Nutrition, and food recovery. *Programs vary by region and market

  • Animal Welfare

    Indicates third-party certifications supporting animal welfare and humane farming practices.

    • Lynden, WA

About Us

Steensma Creamery is a fourth-generation family farm committed to regenerative food production in conscious partnership with our animals and land. We believe that the closer we are to where our food is grown, the better it is for our bodies, our planet, and our palate. In 2021, we launched the Pacific Northwest’s first local skyr yogurt, hand crafted with milk from our pastured dairy cows. Our skyr is creamy, flavorful, and sustainable from soil to spoon.

In addition to pastured dairy products, we sell whole, half, and quarter shares of pastured beef. These animals are 2 year old Jersey steers from our herd. While Jersey cattle are traditionally a dairy breed, they are increasingly valued for their meat. Their propensity for marbling yields a juicy, buttery flavor.

Growing Methods

*Regenerative* *Pasture-based* *No till*

We are committed to using regenerative farming practices and sustainably-made packaging that is reusable, recyclable, and/or compostable.

Our cattle are rotationally grazed from spring to fall, and fed with homegrown forages in the winter. Our pastures haven't been tilled in over 25 years. We believe these practices are best for the long-term health of our animals, land, and planet.

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Our Offerings

  • Dairy
    • Cheese
    • Dairy Products (Cow)
    • Milk
    • Yogurt
  • Meat | Poultry
    • Beef
  • Additional Products
    • Icelandic-Style Skyr Yogurt, Pastured Beef Shares