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About Us

SoulCedar Farm is a small-scale, holistic farm located in Quilcene, Washington, that is committed to operating with the earth in mind.

Sage Coy and Max Evans, couple and co-owners, believe in the importance of nourishing food and of reciprocal relationships between people, plants and land. These fundamentals fuel the body, mind and spirit, with access to wholesome food as the root of healthy human growth.

SoulCedar Farm strives to bolster local food systems and contribute to food security through creative canned goods and shelf stable shrubs (“sipping vinegars“). Sage and Max grow and wild harvest as much produce for their products as possible, and hope to minimize food waste by connecting with other small Olympic Peninsula farms for the rest.

Nature is not fragmented; it is comprised of its intertwined inhabitants, depending on one another to nurture the whole. Sustainable agriculture and cooperation in the local Peninsula farming network work in the same way, supporting all to create a balanced community ecosystem. SoulCedar Farm implements practices that reincorporate humans into natural cycles, emphasize interdependence, and diverge from the common modern perception of humans as separate from the natural world.

Growing & Operating Practices

While Soul Cedar Farm is not certified organic, no chemicals or pesticides are used, and all soil amendments purchased are organic and/or purchased from local producers who share a commitment to organic processes.

Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Flowers, Nursery & Trees
      • Cut Flowers
      • Edible Flowers
  • Locally Made
    • Beverages, Non-alcoholic
    • Preserved & Pantry Items
      • Jams & Spreads
      • Sauces & Condiments
  • Eggs (Chicken)
Additional Products

apricot tarragon, apricot tarragon jam, BlackBerry sage, blueberry basil, blueberry basil jam, candied jalapeños, Chow Chow (sweet cabbage relish), fir tip and lemon balm, fresh herb vinaigrette, fresh hopped, fresh nettle pesto (seasonal), lemon rosemary, nettle). Please inquire for current flavors., pickled Curried Carrots, raspberry thyme, Rhubarb Mint Jam, Shrubs (Ginger turmeric, strawberry Tulsi, zesty sweet peppers

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Where to Purchase

  • Farmers Markets
  • My Website

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