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Seattle, WA

About Us

The mission of the Seattle Farmers Market Association is to provide fun and rewarding venues for Washington state small farms and artisans to bring their highest quality, locally-grown and crafted products to urban residents. Our goal is to help our vendors be successful. Our intention is to facilitate a mutually beneficial connection between our community’s residents and the individuals who steward our local farmland and provide a variety of cultural arts.

Founded in 1990 at the Fremont Sunday Market, we were established as the first neighborhood farmers market in Seattle comprised only of Washington farmers since the 1950’s. Our purpose then, as now, is to bring the neighborhood together by creating a local marketplace. In providing a regular event, where diverse people meet and develop positive relationships, we can contribute to building strong communities, and enhance the quality of life for everyone in our region.

Our Services

  • Local Resources
  • Markets & Grocers
    • Farmers Market

Local Products

We feature these local products

  • Locally Made
    • Bakery Items
      • Desserts
    • Beverages, Alcoholic
    • Beverages, Non-alcoholic
      • Tea
    • Home & Personal Care
    • Preserved & Pantry Items
      • Fermented Foods
      • Honey
      • Jams & Spreads
      • Pasta
      • Preserved Fish
      • Sauces & Condiments
    • Yarn, Fiber & Wool
  • Ice Cream

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