Seedpod Farm

Business Type: Producer

Centralia, WA

About Us

Seedpod Farm produces over 150 varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs that are cultivated on the farm in addition to heritage chicken eggs, pasture-raised poultry, honey and grass hay which Seedpod sells as Community Supported Agriculture shares and direct market sales. We love teaching others to garden, providing sustenance and creating beauty for themselves and their neighbors through weekly classes, on-farm workshops, and our Servant Share CSA- a shared gardening experience for you and your pod!

With an eye toward sustainability, Seedpod Farm chooses varieties of animals that are included on The Livestock Conservancy's list of endangered species. In addition to our weekly offerings, we have two Festivals (May/Oct) each year. In addition, on-the-farm tours and classes on farming, permaculture, ecosystems etc can be tailored to your needs. We are also home to The Keystone Labyrinth- a unique modified 9 circuit labyrinth surrounded by our Daffodil Patch. We offer individuals, families and businesses expertly facilitated walks. Likewise, we offer community-centered special events throughout the year. We look forward to meeting you at Seedpod Farm! Give us a call at (360) 807-4693 to arrange your visit.

Growing & Operating Practices

Seedpod Farm produces naturally-grown products utilizing sustainable, low-impact farming methods. We believe in our duty to be good stewards of our patch....leaving the land improved for us having been here. We grow without the use of chemicals- with an eye towards sustainability and utmost care for the environment, and products we produce and in the end, the people we serve.

Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Eggs
      • Eggs (Chicken)
    • Farm Supplies
      • Hay
    • Flowers, Nursery & Trees
      • Cut Flowers
    • Fruit & Berries
      • Apples
      • Pears
    • Meat & Poultry
      • Chicken
      • Turkey
    • Seeds & Starts
      • Vegetable/Herb starts
    • Vegetables & Herbs
      • Arugula
      • Asian Greens/Bok Choy
      • Basil
      • Beans (Green/Yellow)
      • Beets
      • Broccoli
      • Broccolini
      • Brussels Sprouts
      • Cabbage
      • Carrots
      • Cauliflower
      • Celeriac
      • Celery
      • Chard
      • Chives
      • Cilantro
      • Collard Greens
      • Corn
      • Cucumbers
      • Daikon
      • Dill
      • Endive
      • Escarole
      • Garlic
      • Garlic Scapes
      • Green Onions
      • Herbs & Botanicals
      • Herbs (Dried)
      • Herbs (Fresh)
      • Kale
      • Leeks
      • Lettuce
      • Mustard Greens
      • Onions
      • Oregano
      • Parsley
      • Parsnips
      • Peas
      • Peppers (Hot)
      • Peppers (Sweet)
      • Potatoes
      • Pumpkins
      • Radishes
      • Rhubarb
      • Root Vegetables
      • Salad Greens
      • Sorrel
      • Spinach
      • Squash (Summer)
      • Squash (Winter)
      • Thyme
      • Tomatoes
      • Tomatoes (Cherry)
      • Tomatoes (Heirloom)
      • Turnips
Additional Products

Wildflower Honey

Our Services

  • Educational Experiences
    • Classes
    • Tours
  • Onsite Activities
    • Children's Activities
    • U-Pick / U-cut
      • Pumpkins

Retail Info

Where to Purchase

  • Farm Stand/Farm Store