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About Us

We are a quality over quantity based, husband and wife fishing/marketing team. We catch, process and package our seafood from the closely monitored, sustainable waters of Southeast Alaska. We take pride in staying up to date with the newest quality practices and implement them by means of immediately cleaning, pressure bleeding and individually slush icing our catches in small-batch totes. We offer both fresh and blast frozen options of salmon, halibut and pacific cod. We are passionate about respecting our catches and are striving to get to a zero waste model by utilizing more of each fish.

Growing & Operating Practices

Our sustainably caught seafood is harvested from the pristine salt waters of Southeast Alaska. Upon harvesting, each salmon is quickly and humanly dispatched. We then insert a serological pipette into their dorsal aorta to slowly pump seawater through their circulatory system, removing most of the blood from the meat. (blood is what gives fish the, "fishy taste"). This process is known as pressure bleeding. The fish are then cleaned, rinsed, inspected and positioned head to tail in their own small-batch, slush-iced totes. All fresh fish is shipped with gel ice packs and insulated liners to keep the fresh fish cold. All our frozen fish is blast frozen, eliminating the formation of ice crystals which are responsible for changing the taste and texture of the meat. Blast freezing keeps the frozen fish tasting fresh.

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Local Products

We feature these local products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Seafood
      • Cod
      • Crab
      • Halibut
      • Prawns/Shrimp
      • Salmon
Additional Products

Rockfish, Salmon "Burger" Meat, salmon bellies, salmon collars, salmon heads, salmon roe, salmon/halibut carcasses, Scallops, smoked salmon

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