Samish Bay Cheese

Sustainability and Diversity Indicators
  • Certified Organic

    A third-party certification identifying products free of chemical pesticides & fertilizers, hormones and preventative antibiotics.

  • Eat Local First Member

    These businesses are committed to sourcing more of their food from local farms and food producers.

About Us

We’ve made organic farmstead cheese over 20 years. We also make yogurt, kefir, naturally fermented pickles & raise organic beef, pastured veal, lamb and whey tastier pork. Our newly expanded retail shop, located in the popular Bow-Edison community off of Chuckanut Drive, is open daily selling all our farm produced product & with a sit down area serving cheese boards, paninis, other foods, wine, beer, cider, coffee, tea. And whey more. Proud Genuine Skagit Valley member.

Growing Methods

WSDA Organic

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Our Offerings

  • Dairy
    • Cheese
    • Milk
    • Yogurt
  • Meat | Poultry
    • Beef
    • Lamb
    • Pork
    • Veal
  • Markets & Grocers
    • Grocer
  • Locally Made
    • Beer | Cider | Wine | Spirits
    • Beverages | Mixers
    • Desserts | Ice Cream
    • Preserved Foods
      • Sauces | Condiments
    • Tea
  • Additional Products
    • Labneh, Kefir, Pickles, Cheese Cakes