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About Us

Pacific Northwest-adapted seeds with a focus on dry legumes and grains for a full pantry all year round.
100% Open-pollinated, Non-GMO, Certified Organic seeds, grown in Whatcom County, WA.
Bulk packet sizes available of many varieties, to serve the needs of local commercial growers.
Currently, all of our seed sales are online.

Growing & Operating Practices

Certified Organic since 2015. No pesticides used, not even those approved for organic agriculture. Our pest and disease management approach is through diversity, crop rotations, and planting flowers for beneficial insects and pollinators. We strive towards towards improving soil health through reduced tillage, cover crops, and the incorporation of composted manures and mulches. Harvesting is done by hand and seed processing is doing by hand or with low tech mechanical equipment. We grow and process all of our seed ourselves with care.

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