Peninsula Poultry Breeders

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Port Ludlow, WA

About Us

Peninsula Poultry Breeders is a collaborative network of small local farmers on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. We are committed to providing quality live poultry for the home and small commercial market. Each of us came to poultry breeding by a different route. But we each share a deep love of raising healthy, happy birds in ways that allow them to live natural lives. Add to that a strong desire to be part of a local food economy and to encourage our community to think of how the animals providing their eggs and meat are raised and treated.

We offer a sustainable, humane alternative to corporate-run hatcheries. We breed to a standard of excellence that includes vigorous health, high productivity, breed conformation, stable temperaments and true dual purpose. We offer excellent customer support, especially to new poultry owners, and guarantee the health of our birds at purchase. We follow humane breeding and hatching principles and house our birds in natural living conditions where they can be outdoors in a flock setting, hunt for bugs, dust bathe, and graze on pasture.

We offer a variety of heritage poultry breeds, for both egg and meat production. Our goals are for hens to lay 200+ eggs a year and for cockerels to produce a fine table bird by four to five months of age.

Growing & Operating Practices

Our farms are all located on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, and can be viewed when picking up your chicks.

Our farming practices strive for true sustainability and reflect our passion for being part of a truly local food system. Our birds carry healthy genetics that allow you to establish your own sustainable flock and keep it going for multiple generations.

We believe all chicks should have a chance to grow, so unlike hatcheries we don't cull male chicks at hatch. All our birds are raised organically.

Our Products

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