Mountain Lodge Farm

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Eatonville, WA

About Us

Mountain Lodge Farm is an artisan dairy in the foothills of Mt. Rainier in Eatonville, WA. We milk our Lamancha and Nigerian dwarf goats daily from spring to fall to produce the yummy milk needed for cheese, soap, and other products.

We have monthly free farm events starting in April each year to pet baby goats, meet our working animals and tour our barns and taste and buy our cheese, lamb and other products. Keep an eye on our website or Facebook page for classes (cheese-making, goat midwife, goat adoption). Each January we train volunteers who want to be part of team that feeds goat kids, supports goats through labor and learns why goats are completely irresistible.

If you decide you need pet goats or goats to milk then we offer some up for sale every year along with hoof trimming training, starter bag of hay and minerals and lots of goat advice. We do not sell our goats for meat. We sell lamb meat on farm from our pastured Black Welsh Mountain Sheep (considered the "filet mignon of lamb") that live on a beautiful pasture with views of Mt. Rainier, guarded by their llamas Sabine and daughter Jordy.

Growing & Operating Practices

Our goats are fed organic alfalfa hay from eastern Washington, given access 24/7 to native browse on our hillside and hand-raised with love and care. They have an amazing barn, get a pedicure every two months and are named and pampered. Our goats are sold as pets, or milkers, not sold for meat. Our lamb is pasture raised Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, the "filet mignon of lamb." The pasture is treated with compost and organically approved chemicals only. Sheep are rotationally grazed and guarded by llamas.

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