Miss Bee Haven Apiary

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Port Angeles, WA

    • Miss Bee Haven Apiary (PNW)
    • Port Angeles, WA

About Us

We are a family owned and run business with over 70 years of beekeeping experience. We take pride in keeping healthy bees and helping others do the same. Our goal is to create and make available the best, purest, honey bee products available for purchase and continue our family tradition.

Growing & Operating Practices

We are old school beekeepers. We don't over medicate, over work and we definitely don't over feed. Too often we see people making the mistake of feeding their bees sugar syrup year round to produce a fake honey flow. Yes you get more honey this way but you are getting sugar honey. This is not good for the bees and not good for you. We allow the bees to do what they do best, gather nectar and make this amazing super food. Yes this means we don't make as much, but what we get is 100% pure raw natural goodness.

Our Products

  • Locally Made
  • Honey
Additional Products

candles, honey, Honey Comb and Honey Butter (Honey butter is only available from our Utah location all other products available from Washington location), Infused Honey

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