Makarios Acres Farm LLC

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Buckley, WA

    • Makarios Acres Farm LLC
    • Buckley, WA

About Us

We are a first-generation family farm that specializes in pasture and woodland raised Berkshire pigs, which are fed a whole grain custom diet that is free of corn and soy. We offer both USDA retail cuts and hogs by the half/whole.

We started farming in 2012, having no prior farming experience. The more we learned about how traditional pork is grown, the more it fueled our desire to grow our own and get away from grocery store meat. If we are going to eat meat, we want to know how it was raised and how it was treated – that is of utmost importance to us! After trying many different breeds throughout the years, we are now moving into purebred registered Berkshires.Their meat quality has absolutely no comparison - once you try Berkshire meat you won't go back!

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