Lydia’s Flock Icelandic and Shetland Sheep

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    • Bellingham, WA

About Us

The Farm of Lydia’s Flock is located in the Squalicum Valley of NW Washington, 8 miles east of downtown Bellingham. We pasture raise our flock of registered Icelandic and Shetland sheep using regenerative agricultural methods focusing on happy sheep and healthy soil in the production of pastured lamb, registered breeding stock, raw fleeces, single source small batch yarn and finished fiber goods and Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. We offer beginning and ongoing shepherding education, mentorship and consulting for those who are interested in raising sheep utilizing pasture based management practices. Pastured eggs from our flock of 60 laying hens are available for purchase in our on-farm store, with advance purchase options available through our website.

Growing Methods

We use no-till, low impact chemical free pasture management methods for ongoing pasture maintenance and improvement. Implementing managed intensive and prescribed grazing practices, our flock of sheep and laying hens are on pasture during the grazing season (April through October) moving every 2-3 days to fresh forage. Lambs remain with their mothers and other family members throughout the grazing season without forced weaning or family separation. All lambs slated for the freezer are butchered on farm with our supervision to ensure humane and ethical treatment to the end. For livestock predator protection, our flock is carefully overseen by 6 Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. These dogs are with the flock 24/7 on the pasture and promote non-lethal predator protection while deterring coyote, mountain lion, bobcat, and wandering dogs.

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  • Additional Products
    • Icelandic and Shetland chemically-free tanned sheepskins, horned ram skulls, lanolin based hand salve