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Seattle, WA

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About Us

We at La Pasta LLC have been producing fresh pastas and pasta products for wholesale and retail in the greater Seattle area for nearly two decades. We manufacture fresh pastas, sauces, and spreads alongside an assortment of fresh-frozen ravioli and delicious Italian desserts like tiramisu and panna cotta.

Starting as a small production supplying just 2 farmers markets in the summer of 2002, La Pasta has grown to host booths at 20 local markets in 2023. This longstanding background of farmers markets has instilled a strong belief in sourcing and supporting local.

This is most evident in our two storefronts, which feature exclusively farmers market sourced goods, but also carries over into the ingredient sourcing of our products as well. We are a small business that takes the time and care to craft products our customers are looking for. Whether it’s grass-fed and finished, organic heirloom, or fresh foraged, we believe there is an equally special pasta to bring it all together.

Growing & Operating Practices

We are always working diligently to reduce waste in our operation. Expired pasta becomes display pasta for our Farmer's Market booths, and we work closely with a pig farm to turn waste or scraps into feed.

Our Products

  • Locally Made
    • Bakery Items
      • Desserts
    • Meal Kits
    • Preserved & Pantry Items
      • Pasta
      • Sauces & Condiments
Additional Products

Gnocchi, Pesto, Ravioli, Sauces, Spreads

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Where to Purchase

  • Onsite
  • Farmers Markets