Kaffeeklatsch LLC

Business Type: Producer

Seattle, WA

About Us

Kaffeeklatsch Seattle is a German Bakery/Cafe in the Lake City Neighborhood of Seattle. We focus on delicious treats while being a third place in the North Seattle area. We are heavily invested in building a resilient local food system. Food grown locally is not only more sustainable, but it simply makes for better food! By sourcing our flour from Shepherds Grain Mills, we are supporting a system of regenerative agriculture in our region, and are 'voting with our dollar'. We hope that you will vote with us to support this system of agriculture, as well as the German Baking Tradition that we strive to emulate.

Our Products

  • Locally Made
    • Bakery Items
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Our Services

  • Eat & Drink

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Where to Purchase

  • Farmers Markets
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Find us at these Farmers Markets

  • SNFM Capitol Hill
  • SNFM Lake City
  • SNFM University District
  • SNFM Magnolia
  • SNFM Phinney Ridge
  • SNFM Columbia City