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Ritzville, WA

About Us

At Holy Cow Better Beef it’s the grass that makes our beef better. We utilize ONLY the natural and sustainable resources that God has blessed us with to provide you with the lean healthy nourishment that all-natural grass-fed, grass-finished beef can offer. Our Angus cross cattle have been selectively bred to thrive in a grass and plant-based environment. The high elevations and abundant fresh water of the Kettle River Range in NE Washington provide ideal summer pasture for cattle to develop naturally on lush native grasses and plants. The temperate climate of the Palouse River Valley in SE Washington allows grazing throughout the winter on native grass range. When winter conditions necessitate, HCBB cattle are supplemented with a mixture of quality hay from local producers. Our cattle handling and processing is done traditionally utilizing the low stress connections among cattle, horses, and humans. Our commitment to providing NO ANTIBIOTIC, NO HORMONE, NATURAL grass-finished beef is one we do not take lightly. Start to finish, “A cow raised the way God intended, makes better beef”.

Beyond the beef, HCBB is built on rich ranching traditions and respect for God, people, livestock, and land. At HCBB we resonate with Winston Churchill when he said "There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse." And so we invest in the next generation by offering a faith- and character-based ranch internship program. Our mission is to build character while teaching horsemanship and low-stress livestock handling. We utilize the agricultural setting and a whole, healthy lifestyle to encourage and develop the minds, hearts, and souls of young people.

We are what we eat. And what we eat is more than just the food that goes into our mouths, it is the process and people who bring that food to our tables. Invest in sustainable, healthy food today and reap the blessing for years to come.

Growing & Operating Practices

We sustainably utilize multiple pastures around Washtucna, WA in the Winter and Spring months. For the Summer and Fall months, our cattle and cowboys enjoy ranging mountain pastures in the Kettle River Range.

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