Food Bank Growers

Sustainability and Diversity Indicators
  • Food Access & Nutrition Incentives

    These businesses are actively participating in one or more of the following food access and nutrition incentive programs to create a food-secure community: SNAP/EBT, Market Match, WIC, Farmers Market Nutrition, and food recovery. *Programs vary by region and market

About Us

The Food Bank Growers network grows, gathers, and gives organically grown fruits and vegetables to build healthy, vibrant communities, improve food security, and decrease food waste for our Jefferson County neighbors. Our gardens and website will provide “how-to” knowledge for best practices and be gathering spots for collaboration and fostering other food network connections.

The Food Bank Garden Network is built upon these core beliefs:

That consistent access to adequate daily nutrition is a fundamental human right.
That by using an educational approach to gardening, volunteers can use learned skills in their own gardens and feel enriched in their volunteer experience.
That by gathering (gleaning) unused produce from our neighbors, their gardens are healthier, there is more available to feed our community, and food is kept out of the waste stream.
That fresh, organic produce can actively support healthier communities, contributing to lower incidence of lifestyle-related chronic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes.
That by working together, we can accomplish more than by working separately.
That there is ample abundance in Jefferson County sufficient to nurture and sustain all of us.
That sharing good food brings joy and builds good relationships.
Nourishing the soil, nourishes the plants that grow in it and in turn they nourish us.

Growing Methods

Organic and Sustainable Farming Methods, Gleaning

Our Offerings

  • Eggs
    • Eggs (Chicken)
    • Eggs (Duck)
  • Vegetables | Herbs
  • Local Resources
    • Community Garden
    • Nonprofit | Government Agency