Fobes Hill Farm Microgreens

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Snohomish, WA

    • Fobes Hill Farm Microgreens
    • Snohomish, WA

About Us

Supplying fresh year round microgreens to restaurants, caterers, and locals. We use premium non-GMO Seeds. We are not an organic farm, but do follow organic practices. Local deliveries & subscriptions once a week. Restaurant deliveries twice a week. Farm pickup also available. Endless varieties available.

Growing & Operating Practices

We are a small hobby farm just outside the town of Snohomish Washington. Our family is passionate about great food, strong farms, and a caring community. With a love to feed our families and neighbors local food in a changing world, we started using hydroponics growing techniques instead of field farming and our romance with microgreens started.
We harvest our microgreens fresh day off, package immediately, and drop off to your door within hours of the first cut. Depending on micro variety, you can purchase 1oz, 2oz, or 4oz containers of greens. Brought to you in stackable clamshells, or compostable bags if you have a preference.

Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Flowers, Nursery & Trees
      • Edible Flowers
    • Vegetables & Herbs
      • Herbs & Botanicals
      • Microgreens
      • Sorrel
  • Vegetable/Herb starts

Retail Info

Where to Purchase

  • Farm Stand/Farm Store
  • My Website