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Our chickens and ducks are raised on 'Naturally Free Organic', soy and corn free feed that is locally sourced. This enables us to raise chickens and ducks and harvest eggs for individuals who are corn and/or soy sensitive. By sourcing locally, we not only reduce fuel consumption but we also support small businesses in our community. Our chickens come from a small supplier of GMO free chicks. Our ducks come from a family farm. Our poultry are never given antibiotics or hormones, and are allowed to free range on open pasture which we believe makes for happier healthier birds.

Growing & Operating Practices

We give our birds the best life possible, free from stress. Our poultry eat organic, soy and corn free feed. They are free range and never receive any antibiotics or hormones. At harvest time we dispatch of our animals humanely while always giving thanks to these beautiful birds that nourish our bodies.

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