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Orting, WA

About Us

More than 30 years ago, I finished agriculture classes at Washington State University. For over 27 years I've consulted with and worked for food processors, large conventional farms and industrial ag operations. In 2008 I had an organic nirvana moment and have since switched to organic practices for farming. In 2012 I purchased a home on 10 acres of prime farmland in Orting WA.

Typically, I have two cows on pasture followed by 400 pastured laying hens in a leader-follower intensive grazing rotation. I've planted 3900 blueberry bushes and installed trellis and drip irrigation systems and upgraded our well. The blueberries should begin to bear in 2021.

I direct-market our products within the local community through restaurants, at the farm, and year-round West Seattle Farmers Market. Additionally, since I believe that investment in healthy eating is an investment in long-term health, I donate a portion of production to a local food bank. I hope that, for those living under great financial stress, such as many food bank clients, healthy organic food will be a step along a better path for them.

Right now we produce pastured eggs for sale at farmers markets. We also produce meats, blueberries, and produce for local catering events through our commercial food facility. We have a farm-to-table on-site facility (for up to 50 guests) led by farmer-chef Larry.

Growing & Operating Practices

We farm sustainably, organically, humanely, for nutrient dense produce, meats, eggs, and blueberries.

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