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About Us

At Browning Ranch:

We believe the well being of the earth and our animals is paramount.

We have a "closed herd" meaning, all of our cattle are raised from birth on our ranch. They are pasture raised and are grass fed and finished. None of them ever receive any grain, corn, soy, or wheat bi-product. Over 5,000 acres of land are owned/leased for pasture. Our entire herd winters down on the Snake River where they continue to roam and graze on grass; as well as hay and alfalfa. The milder climate is ideal for our calving mama cows. We vaccinate twice a year for protection from disease. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used.

We never spray for weeds as our rotational grazing practices over the years have naturally managed the land. We are passionate about the environment and its growth and protection, hence our regenerative grazing practices as well as the creating and maintaining ecosystems on our pastures. We feel strongly about providing a high quality product for the betterment of all.

Growing & Operating Practices

Our cattle are raised on pasture 100% of the time. Their diet consist strictly of grass, hay and alfalfa. We manage the land through our regenerative practices of rotational and mindful grazing. We do not spay for weeds nor do we use hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is lean, clean and incredibly healthy. Taste the difference for yourself. Browning Beef, Better For The Body!

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