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About Us

Take a behind-the-scenes journey by bike into the food systems, landscapes, culinary heritage and natural environments that epitomize our lush corner of the Pacific Northwest. Come away with rich farm to table experiences complimented by hands-on learning, exchange of ideas and regional discovery.

Choose from our list of customizable trips (Barley to Brewery, Sea to Table, and Estuary to Oysters - just to name a few), or, come to us with your completely unique experience request, and we'll develop an agenda to match. Whether you were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest or this is your first time visiting the region, our immersive ecological adventures will leave you more deeply connected to the land, sea, food systems, culture, and ecosystems that make this bioregion such a special place to call home.

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Farm to table ecological bicycle tours that will leave you with a richer understanding of the Pacific NW.

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