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Port Angeles, WA

    • Bent Gate Farms
    • 3065 Old Olympic Highway
    • Port Angeles, WA 98362

About Us

Our 100% grass-fed beef, lamb and goat and organically fed pastured pork is unmatched in sustainability, health, and taste!

We work hard to produce clean, sustainable, grass fed meats that we are proud to feed our family and yours. Buying meats direct from our family's farm gives you the peace of mind that you are nourishing your family with clean, healthy, delicious meats. We grow Meat You Can Trust.

Our meats are tender, flavorful and part of a well balanced healthy diet. You can feel good putting our family's meats, on your family's table. In order to reduce animal stress, we sell our meats as half, whole or quarters giving customers added value of buying their family's meats in bulk. You can feel proud purchasing our amazing pastured meats for your family.

Growing & Operating Practices

Our 100% grass fed animals are moved to a new, irrigated pasture every single day during the long grazing season the Olympic Peninsula provides. The animals receive the highest, most nutrient dense forage daily, and reach butcher weight 4-8 months earlier than other grass fed farms creating, healthy, most flavorful beef, goat and lamb you’ve ever tasted. Our pigs have over 1/2 acre of lush green pasture roam and root. In addition to their organic grain, they enjoy foraging around for grasses, weeds and roots. These two factors result in healthy pigs and quality pork.

Our rotational system also helps to reduce parasites, weeds and nitrogen runoff as well as preserve forage diversity and health of the herds and flock. These benefits lead to healthier animals, healthier soils and healthier meat for your family.

Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Meat & Poultry
      • Beef
      • Lamb
      • Pork
  • Locally Made
    • Home & Personal Care
  • Eggs (Chicken)

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