About Us

Located in the Pacific Northwest, near Battle Ground, Washington, Basket Flat Ranch utilizes the mild, wet climate, longer growing season, and lush pastures to produce a superior, all-natural, grass-fed beef product for your dinner table. We primarily serve the Portland, OR /Vancouver, WA area but can also work with customers in Seattle. Give us a call!

Raising Beef with all-natural techniques and carefully taking care of and stewarding our animals and pastures year after year doesn’t just require hard work, it requires passion. A passion for and a belief that raising a tasty and healthy beef product is worth it. For our own table and yours.

Growing Methods

We are 100% grass-fed, and finished, beef, and never feed any grain. We harvest at two seasons during the year, on the best pasture times of the year- June/July, and October/November. We sell beef shares down to the 1/4 beef, humanely slaughtered in our own pastures, and processed to your custom cutting instructions at a local butcher. We offer Grass fed and finished Angus beef, and also Waygu/Angus cross beef.

Our Offerings

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    • Beef