Bad Weather Farm

Sustainability and Diversity Indicators
  • LGBTQ+ Owned

    Sexual orientations, gender expressions and gender identities, such as: lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer; transgender, non-binary, agender, and more

  • Woman Owned

    Owned & operated by a woman

About Us

A woman-owned and operated urban farm in North Seattle, Bad Weather Farm prioritizes people, planet, and pollinators. We specialize in vibrant cut flowers, custom floral arrangements (including a bouquet subscription service and holiday greenery), and heirloom garlic.

Right now we’ve got an abundance of handmade holiday wreaths and garland, sourced sustainably from Seattle sources. Visit to order yours.

In the spring we sell plant starts (let us know if you’re looking for anything in particular), and we also sell free-range chicken and duck eggs and lavender sachets. Starting in February we will welcome English Angora rabbits to the farm, and will be selling fiber and breeding for show-quality stock.

Florists, herbalists, natural dyers, and fiber artists – reach out for cut flower, plant, and fiber availability.

We do event florals! Email us for more information.

Growing Methods

Permaculture-inspired, earth-friendly, pollinator-prioritizing methods. Lots of native plants and composting. The only pesticides we use are neem oil and Sluggo.

Our Offerings

  • Eggs
    • Eggs (Chicken)
    • Eggs (Duck)
  • Flowers | Nursery | Trees
    • Cut Flowers
    • Edible Flowers
    • Lavender
    • Nursery Stock
  • Fruit | Berries
    • Raspberries
    • Strawberries
  • Meat | Poultry
    • Livestock for Sale
  • Nuts | Grains | Beans
    • Dry Beans
    • Dry Beans (Heirloom)
    • Garbanzo
  • Seeds | Starts
    • Vegetable/Herb starts
    • Plants/Plant Starts
  • Vegetables | Herbs
    • Garlic
    • Garlic Greens
    • Garlic Scapes
    • Herbs & Botanicals
    • Herbs (Fresh)
    • Herbs (Dried)
  • Locally Made
    • Tea
    • Yarn | Fiber | Wool