Ayeko Farm

Business Type: Producer

Enumclaw, WA

    • Ayeko Farm
    • Enumclaw, WA

About Us

Ayeko Farm is a mission-driven farm Enumclaw, WA. We grow fruits and vegetables, host educational programming and events, and do advocacy work in our community. Contact us for u-pick raspberries, to host an event or educational program, or to purchase fresh produce.

Growing & Operating Practices

sustainable practices

Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Fruit & Berries
      • Raspberries
    • Vegetables & Herbs

Our Services

  • Educational Experiences
    • Classes
    • Tours
  • Onsite Activities
    • Farm Stays
    • U-Pick / U-cut
      • Berries

Retail Info

Where to Purchase

  • My Website
  • Phone Orders