Aurora Farms

Business Type: Producer

Friday Harbor, WA

About Us

Organic, pasture grazed beef, lamb, goat, pork, eggs, poultry, vegetables, berries, greenhouse crops, cider, flowers, B&B, gardens, dinners, tours, classes, year-round.

Aurora Farms (AF) is a 31 plus 75-acre polyculture farms. The farm focus is based in sustainable organic practices, education and restorative agriculture, rotational grazing/holistic pasture management, mixed vegetable production, flowers, orchards, multi-species grazing, and soil regeneration. We make our own compost. Soil is our soul.

AF utilizes additional locations for production, as well as developing agro-forestry and greenhouse cultures, value-added products, agricultural business plan development, farm-stays/B&B, events, farm dinners and more. Future plans for a combo/wood-fired bakery, stone walls and other land-based art projects are in the works, and we are actively seeking volunteers and creative, interested individuals. We also have a thriving farmer intern program.

Growing & Operating Practices

With over five decades of organic agricultural success, we blend modalities of sustainable resourceful, adaptable, and inclusive; we are always learning! Importance is placed on dynamic, honest, caring, mindful and successful practices in all areas. Our livestock are cared for in the best, most natural way possible. Our practices begin with healthy, vital regenerative soil, abundant nutritionally rich pasture and clean healthy waters. Rotational grazing, as well as our composting integrates with our food, flower and herb crops. We work with nature producing healthy, beautiful food, that keep our lands and farms growing and thriving with success, season after season.

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Our Products

  • Locally Raised, Harvested, Grown
    • Eggs
      • Eggs (Chicken)
    • Flowers, Nursery & Trees
    • Fruit & Berries
      • Berries
      • Raspberries
    • Meat & Poultry
      • Beef
      • Chicken
      • Goat
      • Lamb
      • Pork
      • Poultry
      • Turkey
    • Vegetables & Herbs
      • Arugula
      • Asian Greens/Bok Choy
      • Asparagus
      • Beans (Green/Yellow)
      • Beets
      • Braising Mix
      • Broccoli
      • Cabbage
      • Carrots
      • Cauliflower
      • Chard
      • Collard Greens
      • Cucumbers
      • Garlic
      • Green Onions
      • Herbs & Botanicals
      • Kale
      • Leeks
      • Lettuce
      • Microgreens
      • Onions
      • Peas
      • Peppers (Sweet)
      • Potatoes
      • Pumpkins
      • Radishes
      • Rhubarb
      • Root Vegetables
      • Salad Greens
      • Squash (Summer)
      • Squash (Winter)
      • Tomatoes
      • Tomatoes (Cherry)

Our Services

  • Educational Experiences
    • Classes
    • Tours
  • Onsite Activities
    • Children's Activities
    • U-Pick / U-cut
      • Pumpkins

Retail Info

Where to Purchase

  • Farm Stand/Farm Store
  • Farmers Markets

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