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About Us

Angus Brands provides superior quality, small batch protein products, both fresh and frozen, to some of the region’s most respected restaurants, grocers and food service companies. Four decades of creative innovation and local personalized service are included in every one of our products. Utilizing a mix of long-standing family recipes with fresh inspirations from our team, Angus Brands is constantly evolving. We can’t wait to see what we come up with next!

As a Meat Manager at Allied Foods in the 1960’s, George Stachecki loved helping customers. He enjoyed delighting them with the highest quality cuts, and providing an unsurpassed level of service. When Allied moved, George saw it as an opportunity to start his own company and Angus Meats was born – a place where his mantra “There is no substitute for quality” could become a reality.

This obsession with quality and service was passed on to his son, Tom, who now owns and operates the company with his wife, Leslie. By word-of-mouth, from chef to chef, and from neighbor to neighbor, our company has grown and prospered. We’re proud to be the region’s only independent purveyor, and to be a partner in growth with some of the region’s most respected restaurants, grocers and food service companies.

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        • We are a full-service small batch manufacturer, so we don't think there is much we CAN'T do.