21 Acres Farm

Sustainability and Diversity Indicators
  • Certified Organic

    A third-party certification identifying products free of chemical pesticides & fertilizers, hormones and preventative antibiotics.

  • Salmon Safe Certified

    Third-party certification indicates farms with agricultural practices that protect water quality, salmon habitat, and native biodiversity.

About Us

21 Acres Farm is a 4 acre farm located in Woodinville, WA. We’re an environmental education center dedicated to educating the community about the benefits of sustainable, local food systems. We grow a wide variety of veggies and flowers while supporting our local ecosystem through regenerative agricultural and agroecological methods. Our produce is sold through our Farm Market, and some is donated to local organizations that provide food to families in need. Local partners help us reduce food waste by gleaning excess from the farm. We also distribute some of the harvests through Farmstand Local Foods, a regional food hub, to nonprofit organizations, In addition, we sell produce to restaurants and other community organizations. We are also excited to have U-pick Sunflowers. If you’re interested in buying wholesale, please contact our Farm Manager, Ansley Roberts, at the email listed above.

Online store link: https://www.tendfarm.com/21-acres-center

Growing Methods

Organic, Agroecological Methods

Our Offerings

  • Fruit | Berries
  • Vegetables | Herbs