I Found My Farmer: a True Story of Local Food Relationships

I found my farmer

She cares for her soil, tends to her sprouts

She knows when to dig, when to pick, and when to be patient.

She watches the sky,  and loves the land, so it can love us back.

When I buy local it’s about more than food; it’s a relationship between my farmer and my family.

She connects us to this place; the seasons, the land, and the best it can provide.

I found my farmer.

farmer Savannah Flynn with a basket full of a variety of colorful vegetables from her fall harvest, showing what she grows for her customers. orange carrots, purple cabbage, green broccoli, peppers and zucchini, potatoes, and bright red tomatoes.

When we set out to illustrate the deep connection that our team of local farm and food enthusiasts are deeply rooted in, we knew we wanted to share an authentic story, one of thousands that we know are true from the countless interactions and communications we have with growers and consumers.

We wanted to convey the love and care that goes into production of local food, stewardship of the land, and gratitude and nourishment that is received and enjoyed by the folks of all walks of life when they have the benefit of receiving locally grown foods to feed themselves and their families..

This video illustrates the true story and relationship between farmer Savannah Flynn, and her (actual – not an actor!) CSA member, Asta, and her daughter. Asta was Savannah’s very first CSA customer, and has been a loyal supporter of Flynn Farms for years.

We couldn’t have imagined a better connection to capture and share. What we WISH we were able to capture was the actual bounty and gorgeous variety that Savannah grows and provides to her customers – including berries, melons, pumpkins, peppers, potatoes, and more!

Local Farm CSA box with sunflowers, blueberries, cantaloupe, eggs, patty pan squash

But, the limitations of filming in the Pacific Northwest in March meant that all we had to work with was some baby spinach! Savannah grows incredible varieties of vegetables and fruits as well as raising laying hens to offer eggs as well.

Featured: Savannah Flynn, of Flynn Farms in Everson, WA Asta Sternberg, and daughter.

Filmed and produced by Caravan Lab – https://caravanlab.com/