Local Farm Stands

Farm stands are unique, located on the land where the food is grown—giving a whole new meaning to “Eat Local First”! Buying foods in-season from local farm stands is not only delicious, but is also a great way to support local farmers and food producers right where they live and grow.

Discover a New Source for Fresh Food at Local Farm Stands

Because local farm stands require less packing, transportation, and labor than a farmers market, they can sometimes provide more diverse offerings from different farms. Food is harvested and delivered straight from the field to a nearby farm stand. This makes local farm stands one of the most direct ways to eat local and support local farms, short of growing the food yourself.

When you visit your nearest farm stand, you can access fresh, local food, support your local food community, and discover new places. Where will you find your local farm stand?

Find a Farm Stand Near You

Every region in Washington has its own special agricultural bounty to offer and its own constellation of local farm stands. These are only a few of the many farm stands that dot the back roads, side streets, and cities of the state. To plan your outing, check out their profiles below that contain their social media channels and websites for current updates.