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Community Supported Agriculture in Washington

CSA, or a farm share is an arrangement between a farmer and customer where you typically buy a subscription to a local farm in advance of the season. The farmer uses the up-front funds for everything needed to grow the food. In return, the farmer delivers your weekly “share” of the harvest. Some farmers offer different payment options, and have different models, so check with them to learn the details.

Benefits of a Farm Share

Ultra Fresh Locally Grown Food
Farms give their members the very best of their produce and may even offer flowers, honey, eggs, and more. Produce is picked at its peak ripeness – making sure it has the most flavor and nutrients.

Save Money
Most farm share members will save money over a similar amount of quality produce bought at a store or from a market.

Eat With the Seasons
There’s nothing like unpacking a weekly farm share box to get back in touch with the seasons. Often, it is full of wonderful surprises and treats! Many come with recipes and newsletters which explain what’s been going on at the farm and what to do with lesser-known veggies or cuts of meat.

Enjoy Good Health
Fresh and whole foods are a powerful way to keep you and your family healthy. Local farmers care about the families they are feeding and have a deep sense of responsibility to keep their food safe. Eating local first means putting the health of your family first!

Save Time
Picking up, or getting food delivered directly to you, simply takes less time than choosing, bagging, and paying for items at the store!

Get to Know Your Local Farmer
There are few things more fulfilling than getting to know the people who grow your food.

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Meet Some of Our CSA Farmers

Anna, Bryan, Libby & Asha of Bent Gate Farms

100% Grass-Fed beef, lamb, goat, and pastured pork shares, paired perfectly with a veggie share from Chi’s Farm

Craig of Wright Brothers Farm

Three Brothers Return to their Roots to Feed Their Community

Lis & Joaquin of Mariposa Farm

When asked about the origin of the name “Mariposa Farm,” Lis explains that she has always seen herself and her family in the story of the “mariposa,” or Monarch butterfly.

Local Color Farm and Fiber

Fully Customizable Vegetable share with optional egg, flower, and yarn add-ons.

Mike & Kim of Cedarville Farm

Whatcom County’s First CSA – 33 Years Strong! Organic, and fully customizable

Olivia of x̌ast sq̓it (Good Rain) Farm

“If you are hungry, you will always be fed.” Learn about this Indigenous farm’s mission of Food Sovereignty, access, and equity

Roslyn of Rabbit Fields Farm

Check out these fresh, vibrant veggies, and the 3 types of subscriptions available

Salt Creek Farm

The First CSA farm on the North Olympic Peninsula

Sarah & Nick of Spring Time Farm

“Organic farming is not only nurturing the people that are eating that food, but it’s nurturing the soil.”

Scott of Chi's Farm

Organic farm shares include fresh veggies, their famous salad mix, and options to add a meat share

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