How to Eat Local

At its heart, eating local means choosing and celebrating the best flavors of our many regions in Washington State. When we change what we eat, we change things for the better. Local food offers the best nutrition, produces less waste and supports sustainable agriculture and local economies. Eating local nourishes our families, and the communities we love.

Simple Ways to Eat Local

Five Ways to Eat Local — Five practical shifts you can make in the way you eat to nourish the people you love and the place you live.

The Local 10 — Washington farms and food businesses produce food year-round. Here are ten things you can always find regardless of the season.

Eat With the Seasons — Harvest of the month features a seasonal food item. Look for these items at their peak at your local farmers market, co-op, grocer.

Eating Local on a Budget

One great way to get local food for a great price is by purchasing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share – on average CSAs cost 30% less than buying the same organic produce at the farmers market or grocery store.

Find a Farmers Market

Every region in Washington has unique farmers, produce, and goods at their markets.

Find a Farm Stand

Located on the land where the food is grown, farm stands allow more farms and farmers to sell to consumers.

Farm Stays

Learn about food and farming in Washington by staying on a farm yourself. There are farm stays across the state that offer accommodation, education, and a behind-the-scenes look at sustainable agriculture.

Find Seafood

The state of Washington is rich in seafood, and there’s no better way to enjoy this bounty than finding a seafood market or farm near you.

Find a U-pick Farm

Spend a sunny Saturday at a U-Pick farm and harvest your favorite fruits, veggies, or flowers direct from the field.

Child picking ripe blueberries at Goat Boat Farm in Everson, WA