Simple Ways to Eat Local

Top Five Ways to Eat Local — Here are five practical shifts you can make in the way you and your family eat to nourish the people you love, and nourish the place you live!

The Local 10 — Washington farms and food businesses are producing food year-round! Here are ten things you can always find locally, regardless of the season.

Tips for eating local on a budget

Farm Shares (CSA): One great way to get local food for a great price is by purchasing a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share – on average CSAs cost 30% less than buying the same organic produce at the farmers market or grocery store.

Buy in bulk: Look for dry beans, grains, spices, etc, and use ALL of your produce (we’re talking broccoli stems, kale stems, beet greens, radish greens). Waste Not, Want Not: Did you know that in America, 40% of edible food is wasted? Plan ahead by buying what you need and using what you buy, making a meal plan, and shopping smart, to save your $ and wasted food.

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Eat With Businesses That Source Locally

Eat Local First Participants — Many of our local food businesses and restaurants are passionate about supporting our local farmers and food system, and they’ve committed to shifting at least 10% of their food purchases to truly local ingredients. Some are doing much much more!

Look for the fork symbol to double your impact by choosing local businesses that also source locally, and when you head out shopping or are choosing a place to eat, think about these businesses to Eat Local First!

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Listen to stories
and share yours

As much as choosing local first is about a just and vibrant economy, it is also about connecting. Get to know your local business owner or farmers – either through our blog or in person.

Share your local story with those you love. The beautiful bottle of wine or hoppy six pack you bought for dinner can be more than a beverage, it can be a way to inspire others to invest in local too!

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Eat with the seasons

Harvest of the Month makes eating with the seasons easy by featuring a local seasonal food item each month. Look for these items at their peak at your local farmers market, co-op, grocer, or try your hand at growing them in your own garden!

Harvest of the Month

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