Choose Your Own Adventure at a U-Pick Farm

Child picking ripe blueberries at Goat Boat Farm in Everson, WA

Summer in Washington State is a season of bounty, harvest, and celebration. Farms are full of an astonishing variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Farmers are hard at work, and the fruits of their labor are often quite literal. Raspberries and blueberries grow in the fields, offering plump and juicy delights to those who pick them.

U-pick farms are the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday. Pack a picnic, or stop at a farm stand on the way, and visit a local farm for an agricultural adventure.

While you’re there, you’ll discover more about farming, spend time in beautiful nature, and support farmers. Being part of the harvest is a powerful and fun way to connect to local growers and learn a little bit about how food gets from the farm to the table.

The cost is affordable and offers you a chance to stock up on your favorite fruits and veggies. Want the taste of summer year-round? A day at a u-pick will prepare you for all the jams, jellies, and preserves your heart could ever desire.

Got an upcoming picnic with folks you’d like to impress with a *hand-picked* strawberry pie? Well, a u-pick trip is definitely for you. Not to mention, there are so many mental and physical benefits of spending time in nature and getting your hands dirty in the soil.

It’s an exciting trip for the whole family. Kids – and adults! –  love snacking on ripe strawberries and picking the juiciest ones to take home for a future pie.

And of course, it’s not just berries that draw the u-pick crowds. There are many farms offering flower u-picks, where visitors leave with armfuls of gorgeous bouquets.

The U-pick fun continues into the fall and winter when seasons change, and we find ourselves hunting for the perfect pumpkins, crisp apples for baking, Christmas Trees and garlands for holiday traditions and decor.

The WA Food & Farm Finder features over 130 U-Pick Farms across the state. Find one nearby, or as an addition to your next day trip for a change of scenery. Adventure awaits – find a u-pick farm near you!

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